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Kanji: 花園 たえ
English: Tae Hanazono

Name: Tae Hanazono
School: Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
1 - A (Season 1)/2 - E
School Year: First (Season 1)/Second
Colour: #0000ff
CV: (大塚紗英)
Birthday: December 04 (Sagittarius)
Height: 164 cm
Liked Food: Hamburger steak, red-bean soup, basically anything!
Disliked food: None! (Nothing too weird, though...)
Instruments: Guitar
Hobbies: Running (no marathons), working with clay, taking long baths

She started playing the guitar in elementary school, and is very skilled at it. As a huge lover of music, she started working part-time at a live house upon entering high school. Her favorite item is her blue guitar that she bought using money that she saved. A natural airhead who lives at her own pace, she sometimes surprises the people around her with her unexpected moves. She lives with her parents and 20 rabbits.

hanazono tae * trivia

   ESP Guitars has released a real-life version of Tae's guitar, Snapper, alongside Kasumi's guitar, Rimi's base, and other Bandori merchandise.
   The rabbits shown at Tae's house in the first season of the anime are based on her voice actress' own pet rabbits.
   She is the tallest member of Poppin'Party.
   Outside of her listed hobbies, she also loves visiting both pet shops and music stores.
   She is a childhood friend of LAYER, who also calls her Hana-chan.
   She had atttended the same music school with Wakana Rei and Ichigaya Arisa.
   She sometimes mixes words like 'rosepa' as a combination of Roselia and Poppin'Party.
   She really likes a famous guitarist named Moteen as she was mentioned in 2nd and 4th episode in the second season of the anime.
   Tae has the ability to convince people with "puppy eyes".
   Since her second year in high school, she works part-time at multiple live houses and musical instrument stores.

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